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by martin stiassny
24 Jun 2013, 22:26
Forum: Turneringar
Topic: Leksand 2013 - 20th - 24th July
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Re: Leksand 2013 - 20th - 24th July

Hello, so, now I finally got it. There's a new webpage where you can register for "your" Go-summer: Some news: -- Yoon Young Sun, 8p from Hamburg/Korea, will be in Leksand -- A lot of doublerooms (SEK 550 per night) are prereserved at Leksands Folkshögskola -- 10 out of the 12 par...
by martin stiassny
22 Nov 2012, 18:57
Forum: Turneringar
Topic: Leksand 2013 - 20th - 24th July
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Leksand 2013 - 20th - 24th July

Hej, here's an overview about this year's GO-summer in Leksand 20th / 21st July : Parallel two tournaments, Pair-Go and Ren-Go (3 players a team) 22nd - 24th July: Leksand Open, 5 rounds (2/2/1), 1st prize minimum € 500 22nd - 24thth July: European Women Championship Professional sessions: 21st July...
by martin stiassny
15 Aug 2011, 00:02
Forum: Turneringar
Topic: Leksand Open 2012 - Juni
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Leksand Open 2012 - Juni

Next year Leksand Open will happen again, but not in August.

Date: June 28th - July 1st 2012 (3 weeks before the European Congress in Germany)
6 rounds, first round on Thursday, 28th June, at 19:15 in the evening. 6th round on Sunday at 10:00.
I hope you like this new date.

Regards Martin
by martin stiassny
24 Mar 2008, 13:49
Forum: EM 2008
Topic: 464 anmälda spelare
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Re: 464 anmälda spelare

Nu har vi 464 anmälda spelande i EGC, därmed har vi gått om EM i Abano och passerat mittpunkten mellan små och stora kongresser - redan i mars! 561 personer är nu anmälda totalt. ... mvh henric Henric on 13th Feb: 354 players Now on 23rd Mr: 464 players ==> average 2.5 registrations per day ==> 120...
by martin stiassny
02 Mar 2008, 16:03
Forum: EM 2008
Topic: 30 länder
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Re: 30 länder

henric wrote:
A-lan wrote:
henric wrote:Vatikanstaten
Moldavia will be realistic for EGC2008. Sure Ukraine and Belarus will come because of the EGF-Meting. Also Croatia.
And what's about Iceland ? Do we know someone from this country ?

I think we'll get at least 35 countries.

by martin stiassny
25 Jan 2008, 19:47
Forum: Nordic cooperation
Topic: Nordic Go League
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Re: Nordic Go League

Dear nordic go friends, ... This is my first posting in this discussion forum and I hope I use the system correct. Some statements: 1) This initiative is a very good idea 2) I am the manager of the "Deutsche Bundesliga" since September 2005. If you have any questions about problems - and how we sol...