Home from China

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Carl Johan
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Home from China

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I just got home. I am sorry there have not been more updates during the last 2 weeks in China.

I am planning for a write-up and summary of the whole time in Beijing, that may be ready in around one week, and will be available from the website. I will also link to it from here. In the mean-while, me and Michael are discussing how to make the 2nd trip to China, next summer, bigger and better!

Pictures are already on Max's site, as he linked to it before, and I think soon lots more pictures from China will be available.
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Post by Boerje »

SOME pictures... I have more, but I think they kind of suck :?

Post by myao »

hmm....max, hope u dont show pic of karaoke king myao. :>
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Post by misterb »

He already has :D
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Post by ZeroKun »

Gimme some pics of you getting you ass kicked by bendan and baoyun :)
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