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Joerg Abendroth introduction

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Hi there,

this introduction is going to be short as I write it when I should be feverishly packing for my departure to Beijing tomorrow.

So the complicated stuff first: As you might noticed my name appears last, maybe a bit aside from the rest. That is as my situation is special in that regard as I am over in Beijing for working, but never the less hope you give me a warm welcome whenever I drop by in the flat and join some of your Go-vacation activities.

But who am I and how comes I play go ?

I am world traveler, working as a research scientist in the computer science department of a big company. I have lived in a few countries, including Beijing for 5 month. And that is where I learned to play go - one day I asked my japanese friend about the game on the street and he explained it to me. My bad luck was that although there was a good japanese teacher living in our dorm (and teaching at one of the Go schools), I didn't got the idea to have him teach me the game. So it took some time for me to reach 9k and I only progressed till 5k, well maybe even 3.... depending on how serious I take it. Generally I started playing more often only a year after coming back and while being in Ireland, btw you might have seen me at the 45th European Go Championship in Ireland, which I helped organizing.

A picture and summary can be found at
and on KGS I am oe or jab. But I guess I will be busy the next weeks working and wandering around in Beijing, so that you won't find me there. But if you need some information from your man in Beijing, than drop me an email at

Happy organizing and see you in the middle kingdom.

Joerg (...and a big thanks for our organicers Carl and Michael ! )
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