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Address + contact information

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Hi again!

I hope you are all getting ready to go to China. I provide here some last minute information, a mail yesterday contained information about the flight for those who will meet me in Stockholm.

The area name where we will stay is Hui Longguan (回龙观), and the house Bei Dian Jia Yuan (北店嘉苑). I attach a map (in map post) that I recommend that you print, if you are going by yourself. If you want us to meet you at the airport, you should either already have made the arrangements, or contact as soon as possible. However, it may not always be possible.

The map will also be sufficient for a taxi driver to get you from the airport to the area where we stay. I estimate this will cost 100-150 yuan (10-15 euros).

The phone number to BaoYun is +86-10-86528507, you can call him if there is any difficulty.

/Carl Johan

PS1. I will post the latest mails at the forum too ( for your reference.

PS2. Please let me know if you are bringing laptops, it will increase the chance that you get a room or apartment with internet access. I have received a few requests already.
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