Intro: Petteri Hiisilä, Finland

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Intro: Petteri Hiisilä, Finland

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Hello everybody,

My name is Petteri Hiisilä. I live in Tampere, Finland. I work as an interaction designer (kind of an UI engineer / spec writer) in Alma Media.

My workmate introduced me to Go about a year ago. I've taken a few lessons from Michael. My rank is Finnish 10 kyu, and I'm determined to improve that during our trip ;)

This is my first visit to China, and I hope to learn about Beijing, China, its culture and atmosphere. Learning some Chinese wouldn't do any harm either.

If you have a laptop with wireless connection, it may be connected to the wireless LAN station I'll bring with me. It should carry the signal through at least a few walls.

I'll take my own flight from Tampere->Copenhagen->Beijing, but we'll meet in the apartments! (They look really nice, good work CJ and Michael!)

You'll recognize me from my Spider-Man T-shirt 8)

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