Marco - Italy

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Marco - Italy

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Hi all,
i'm Marco from Venice, Italy.
I've just turned 31 and I'm around 5k
I'll come only for the second month.

I chat :D on KGS with the nick marchetto, (ch = K in italian),
in my spare time i enjoy to lose to SimpleBot and IdiotBot on 9x9 boards.
Hey, try yourself to lose against IdiotBot if you think it's an easy task!
If you find me online feel free to call!
You can also contact me in Icq, #33490720

I speak english and i can understad french and spanish, i'm starting to
learn some basic chinese, i still have 1 month, i'll do my best.

I'm a unix servers expert, but please, let's not talk about computers,
i want to really enjoy my vacation month over there. :wink:
I like to play football, and can't wait to try chinese food, and surely,
get stronger at go.

I look forward to meet all of you,
and for those who will be in Beijing the first month, please keep us
updated with everything going on around there!

See you in over there,

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