Why a department for discussing Nordic collaboration?

To exchange ideas on how to develop the nordic go scene.

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Why a department for discussing Nordic collaboration?

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Suvi, who is president of the Finnish go federation,
has proposed intensified collaboration between the
Nordic go organisations. One idea would be to set
upp a common board or coordination and collaboration

One concern is the Nordic Championship, which is
one of the most established traditions we have, but
which may have been in the shadow for a while.
In particular there are usually rather few participants
from countries other than the organising one. Maybe we
can find ways of making the Nordic Championship
more attractive or make it easier to participate.

Other issues one can immediately think of is improved
coordination and information flow between the Nordic
countries, common tournament calendar, coordination
and consultations / coordination in EGF and IGF, more
joint Nordic events, joint efforts to find sponsors or
get publicity etc.

This was just a few words to open the discussion,
let us have an open discussion of all possible constructive
ideas here.

best regards,