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I would like to ask just in general about China.
how do you notice the communism in China?
In a bad way? In a good way?
Is it very hush hush about it, or can you speek of it freely?

Other things
when you get there, how was your flight?
How is it there? Hot?


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Ok more then.

How much Chinese have you learned?
And do you get to use it?
How is the lessons? In english? In chinese?
Do you learn very much at the lessons? :)
How often do you have them?
What else do you do at your spare time than just Tennis, Pub, TV, Go, Swimming?
How is everybody?
Nobody who wants to go home? ;)

Have More Fun



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zuka har många frågor......... :>
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haha, jo jag är ju en nyfiken liten flicka.
Awaiting Challe...
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