Sweden-Finland Supergo

To exchange ideas on how to develop the nordic go scene.

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Sweden-Finland Supergo

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I cannot reply to Henric's article, dont know why.

I have communicated this supergo idea with both Suvi and Matti and I have written sth in Swedish forum about this. Personally I believe this idea is very feasible between these 2 countries and can even start right away at 2008 feb. Helsinki Open. I will write to Matti as I think the easiest way to get it run is that 1 country is somehow ready with a team and can then send out an invitation so that the process in the other country can be faster. When it starts it will be much easier to develop the event and even start Nordic supergo in NM!

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Myao posted this in another thread:
Myao wrote:Sweden-Finland supergo:
4 spelare, varav 1 är leader. 3 ronder, 12 matcher sammanlagt, vid 6:6 avgörs supergo av leader-clash. Kan bli en årlig aktivitet som spelas under en klass A turnering. Resekostnader kan finansieras genom förbund, turneringsarrangör eller individuella bidrag.
which, if it needs translating means
4 players, of which one player is the team leader. 3 rounds, a total of 12 games. In case of a tie (6:6) the tournament winner is decided by a sudden death game between the team leaders. This could become a yearly activity that is played during a class A tournament. Travelling expenses could be financed through federation, tournament arrangers or individual contributions.
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