BIBA summer camp, Korea, 8-21 august

Om tävlingar i och kring Sverige

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BIBA summer camp, Korea, 8-21 august

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Dear EGF Members,

This year again, BIBA, the International Go School created by Kim Seung-Jun (Blackie) 9p and Diána Kőszegi (Dia) 1p, is organizing a Summer Camp in Korea from August 8th to 21st.

This event will be a great experience for you to play and meet with many professional or amateurs such as the well-known Kim Jiseok 9p or Kim Young-sam 7d. Games and lectures will be conduct as such as visit of touristic places like Gangneung or Youngmoon.

BIBA has welcomed more than 100 students over the past 4 years and has been organizing those Summer Camps such as long.

This is the perfect summer plan to mix Go, travelling and fun and to continue your Go trip after EGC !

The full schedule and all details can be found following this link.
Here are some photos.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact Blackie & Dia by e-mail at this adress :
Hope to see many of you !

Best regards,

Benjamin Dréan-Guénaïzia
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