Any Go club in Karlskrona/Blekinge ?

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Any Go club in Karlskrona/Blekinge ?

Post by zzKorv »

Hi All,

I'm looking for any Go club at Karlskrona or Blekinge ?
Do we have any community at this region ?

Note: I've tried to use search at this forum but I'm not good at Swedish and I not found any info...
Thanks in advance!
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Re: Any Go club in Karlskrona/Blekinge ?

Post by mohsart »

There used to be one, but I think the players lost interest and that there currently is not a Go club in Blekinge.
That said, there are at least a handfull of people who plays Go in Karlskrona. I am pretty sure that I saw two former members of the club at City Gross a couple of years ago, and I myself am a Go player, though I am not active anymore.
If a new club will be established I am interested.
I don't normaly read this forum anymore, but can be contacted at

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