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China 2004 archives / Pictures

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Unfortunately, there is not so many pictures available from this years trip yet. The main reason for this is simply that there are so many pictures, and that they are hard to provide in a format suitable for the internet. - pictures that Max took. - some of my pictures, will be provided in a better format as soon as possible. ... nabes%f6k/ - pictures KaWe took while visiting Beijing

I have another 2 or 3 GB of pictures floating around on my computer. If you have any good tips on how to organize them on the internet, let me know :)

Some more information from the China trip: - good information in Swedish, again from Max. - contains a report from this years trip, and a couple of pictures. ... adid=24016 - has some of the best pictures from the trip, from one of the nicer go clubs. Unfortunately, the page is rather slow to load, and I will try to put up a mirror of this page on my site.

Already, we have around 25 people interested in next year's trip!

And, while some of the previous post contain outdated links, I will try to keep this post up to date.
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