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I thought it would be a nice idea, as trip-goers, to introduce ourselves before we meet in China. So here I am :D


I'm in Beijing for the first month of the trip. I've been playing Go for about 3-4 years, not really sure of my rank, but at local Go club am about 1kyu - IGS rank is 4k*. I'm sure I'll find out on the trip :?

Talking of which, things I'd like to get from trip:
:arrow: Find out my rank :)
:arrow: Get better at Go!
:arrow: Learn lots about China
:arrow: Meet lots of new people
:arrow: Play Go in some really cool places (any suggestions?)
:arrow: Buy some nice Go equipment

Finally, (if you're still reading) a little about me. I'm 27 years old. I'm from Cornwall, England. I run my own business providing programming services (see ). Apart from Go, I'm into music, movies, books, philosophy, badminton, computers, drinking and having fun :)

See you in China!
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