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Vladimiro Gonzalez

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Hi, my name is Vladimiro, and im from Mexico. Im currently finishing my Math studies at the Mexico National Autonomous University, hopefully i will have passed all my credits by june. I have been playing go for about 3 years, and i love it so much!
Last year i was Mexico's National Championship's 3rd place, and since both 1st and 2nd places couldnt make it for some reasons, i attended the WAGC in Japan as Mexico's representative. I ended up in place 42 of 64, with 3 wins and 5 losses. Not such a great record, but hey, i did my best. :-)
Anyway, it was a great experience and now im eager to know China and learn some of the secrets of Weiqi. :D
Im 24 years old and about 1d KGS. There you can find me as vladox or fosil.

Image <-Thats me one year ago. Now my hair is longer. Also, im not as serious as the pic looks. :-)

Cheers, Vlad.
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