Esa (introduction)

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Esa (introduction)

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Hi everyone

My name is Esa Seuranen, and 25 year old Finnish bloke. I have played go
more or less actively 4.5 years and I'm supposed to be 2 dan...

I haven't played in KGS (nor had that much time for go either) for a while
simply because graduating from the university has taken way too much of my time
(a "misfortune", which I'm trying to correct during this 2 month China trip :D),
but I'll probably will be hanging around there (Sauna and English Game Room)
a bit more before the departure -- my nick is Sorcerer and I'm probably around
2d there as well, once I'll find time for playing there again.

I have a homepage at
where can find a bit more (than you would probably ever want to :wink: ) about me.

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