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Hi, my name is Mats Hjalmarsson, moh or mohsart on KGS and loads of other places.

I live in Stockholm, Sweden (or more precisely in the suburb Tyresö) and work as a computer technichian.

I've been playing Go actively since 2000, so I really should be stronger than I am...
I've been to two EGCs, Dublin 2001 and Tuchola 2004, so some non Swedes might have met me earlier; I guess all swedish participants know me.

My goal with this trip is to have a good time, of course I'd like to become stronger (and I will work hard on that) but I sort of have lost faith in my abilities to progress much further.

Interests include drawing, photography, litterature, art, hiking, sailing, what I prefer to call "cross country skating" or in swedish "långfärdsskridsko" and lots of other stuff.
Non interests include sports and other sorts of violence.

See you all soon!

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