Departure, Laptops

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Carl Johan
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Departure, Laptops

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Hello all!

I will meet everyone traveling from Stockholm at the check-in desk (terminal
5) at 16.00 on June 14. If you think you will show up later than this time, please let me know. My cell phone number is 073-9673543 (country code for Sweden +46), if you have any concerns, please call me, and please call me at the airport to find me. Michael can be reached on 073-2521288, but he will be in China at the time of departure.

I will be waiting in the SkyCity/Skyways (restaurant area between the
terminals) from around 14.00, and be at the gate from around 15.30. I try to bring a large Chinese flag :)

The flight number is 5CA0912. You will receive the ticket and passport (with
visa) on the airport, if you have not received in at the Stockholm Open tournament.

If you are bringing a laptop, please let us know. While broadband internet is available, it will not be available in all apartments or in all rooms, so to the extent it is possible, we will try to place those with laptops in 2 apartments.

Pictures from the apartments are linked from the webpage, at

I also recommend to ask questions or for my China blog. The questions on the forum will probably be answered faster than those by email.

Cell phones can be used in China with a local cash card, so we recommend that you bring your mobiles.

See (many of) you on Tuesday,
Carl Johan
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