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Kerstin Fahl

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Hi everybody!

I'm Kerstin Fahl, a Swedish student of the Univerity of Göteborg (major: Japanese), living in Lidköping on lake Vänern. My cousin Gustav Fahl (I think at least some Swedish go players know who he is) taught me go in 2002, and I've played it ever since. Mostly on Dragon Go Server, since I don't have my own computer.

Since I studied English, German, French, Italian, Latin, Classical Greek and Russian in school it'll be very exiting for me that not only Swedes are joining this trip. It'll be fun to learn some Chinese as well, and it'll be interesting to see how much written Chinese I'll understand since I've studied Japanese for a few years.

My hobbies include playing the classical guitar and the koto (Japanese large zither), playing go, imitating dialects, drawing (mostly just scribble), East Asian culture etc.

If anyone is interested in going on a classical concert or Peking Opera with me, don't hesitate to tell me!

From this trip I hope to:
:arrow: know my strenght
:arrow: improve
:arrow: learn Chinese
:arrow: brush up my other languages
:arrow: learn and see Chinese culture (arts, historical places etc)
:arrow: find good music stores where I can find records, guitar notes, and maybe try a Chinese koto

See you! :D
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