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Posted: 08 Jan 2008, 19:13
by Podiceps

First sorry for the slow response. I have made a webpage for the Nordic Go League. You can find it here here. I am not good at making them but it works. Registration is also open.

As for the ranking matter my original idea was to do it like the germans, were each team has 4 accounts used for playing. Then there is little idea in playing rated game.

If on the other hand the majority prefers to play using their personal KGS accounts the games could be ranked. I personally think it is fine but there might be some players that do not have a KGS account or one they rarely use. Therefore their rating could be very much different from their true rating.

In the above I took it for granted that Vesa was talking about the KGS rated games. As far as I understand the EGF rules, the rules suggested (and used) now allows for the tournament to be rated as C tournament under EGF. I am not sure I would like the games played solely online to be rated for GoR, though.

I will try to see if I can make a vote about this otherwise just comment here. I think I have to make it in a new thread.


Posted: 09 Jan 2008, 08:48
by weiland
I see no reason to force players to play rated games. Such a rule would have no effect as anyone can create a new account for free at KGS. Some players also have accounts with rating turned off and are unable to play rated games. Other players play only fast games at KGS and might have a different strength in slow games like the ones in the league.

Re: Nordic Go League

Posted: 25 Jan 2008, 19:47
by martin stiassny
Podiceps wrote:Dear nordic go friends,
This is my first posting in this discussion forum and I hope I use the system correct.

Some statements:

1) This initiative is a very good idea
2) I am the manager of the "Deutsche Bundesliga" since September 2005. If you have any questions about problems - and how we solved them - feel free to send a message ( or put the question in this forum
3) I still have the idea to install such a league on the European level with national teams - but I won't start such an initiative earlier than for the meeting in Groningen in 2009

Good luck
Martin Stiassny

P.S.: I've just seen the names of the planned team of the Copenhagen Cockroaches - but - no one registered for EGC2008 till now. You are welcomed in Sweden !

Posted: 01 Feb 2008, 08:56
by Podiceps

So far only 6 teams have expressed interest in the league (4 nordic countries represented though). Therefore I see no real reason for holding a preseason tournament as things are now. I have prolonged the registration to Marts 1st. If there should be a need for more than one division by then, then there should still be time to hold a preseason before we start the real season in May.


Posted: 01 Feb 2008, 09:00
by weiland
Has the Stockholm team been registered?

Posted: 01 Feb 2008, 09:41
by mohsart
weiland wrote:Has the Stockholm team been registered?


Nordic Go League reminder

Posted: 27 Mar 2008, 10:08
by Podiceps

I just want to remind you of the Nordic Go League. It is still running as planned with registration deadline for the first season April 10th.

There are 8 teams registred so far but more teams are more than welcome. All you need to participate, is to scrape together 5 players from your club and send in a registration. Just look at Århus Go Klub that is exactly what they did. Signed up almost the whole club in order to participate!

So get out there and find 4 friends that want to join your team. There must be players from more than 2 finnish and 1 swedish club that want to participate...


League start!

Posted: 12 Apr 2008, 09:29
by Podiceps
Hi all,

The Nordic Go League webpage has now been updated with playing schedule, pairings, latest ratings, ect. Everything should now be ready for the 1st. season to commence.

First round will be Tuesday the 13th of May at 20:00 CEST. But the teams may reschedule some games, so check the webpage in advance to see when your favourite team or idol player is playing! Most games should be played in the KGS room, Nordic Go League, but maybe the first round local club-clash Turku Hayashi I and II will be played over the board.

Another interesting match will be between rating favourites Copenhagen Cockroaches and Oslo Goklubb. Will this match already decide the champion?
Both have to look out, though, for the hot, upcomming youngsters from Stockholm Go-klubb lead by the newly crowned Nordic Champion, who managed to import a stong player from Göteborg right before the "transfer vindow" closed.
The strong finnish university team, Yligo I, should not be ruled out either for a top spot and their second team will surely give bottom rated Århus Goklub and Turku Hayashi II a tough fight.

I do not know about you but I am looking forward to the matches already...

Posted: 26 Feb 2009, 23:33
by jnikula

Is there any idea or plans for the season 2009-2010?